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Use Case: Small Business Owner

November 17, 2020


It is always when you're away that you need to be at the office, especially as a business owner. Nearly every problem that bubbles to the surface can only be solved by you because you know exactly what elements lead to that problem, what and where the solution lies, and all of the important bits in between. You know, it’s all very organized… it just happens to be in your head.

In reality, it is a labyrinth for employees or partners to wade through in order to find any answers at all. Even when (or if?) they do put the pieces of this puzzle together, does it resolve the problem effectively or just kick the can down the road?

At the end of the day, no one except you has the roadmap from the tools needed, understanding the problem, and pushing it to success. Now here’s your map: With there’s no more labyrinth, just a single, clean, organized system where all of your important documents, links, and apps are easy to access at any time on any device. It’s the easiest way to say you’re at the office, even when you’re away.

How Helps allows your entire company or team to access, manage, and update all of their necessary tools, documents, and information all from the same centralized place. Through our pre-populated apps, you’re able to quickly connect an existing account and easily access your information through a convenient single sign-on process.

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add a link to anything, anywhere, and rename it to best suit your team.

Concerned about information security? Don’t be, there’s no data that is hosted directly on!

How Works

Now that we've put forth a real-world scenario, told you about, and have your attention; here's how works to streamline not only the onboarding process, but many internal processes and repetitive tasks.  

1) Use Your Links

The best way to keep important documents, critical links, and vital resources organized is through the use of Links on Adding a link is as easy as clicking a button, pasting the link, and giving it a proper title.

SMB - Adding Links

2) Use Your Apps

Let's not forget to build out our Desktop. Browse through hundreds of different apps from across the SaaS space and add them directly to your Desktop with the click of a button. Not the right app? Hover over the app and click the icon that appears to easily remove it.

SMB - Adding app

3) Organize within Different Desktops

Working with different teams? Not a problem. Keep them both organized with individual Desktops! Each Desktop can utilize different apps, team members, and links.  

SMB - Different Desktops

4) Manage Permissions

Managing links and access to documents is even easier; with less than 5 mouse-clicks you’re able to add or remove Members from certain Desktop's.

SMB - Manage Users

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