2022's Best SaaS Apps for Entrepreneurs

November 8, 2022

When it comes to starting and running your own business, you’ve got more resources at your disposal than ever before thanks to the rise of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. There are dozens of SaaS apps out there, each with its own set of features, but we’ve combed through them all to bring you our list of the nine best SaaS apps for entrepreneurs in 2022 and beyond. Here are some highlights.


Dropbox is a free cloud-based service where files are uploaded automatically and accessed easily on any device.


Do you need to create social media content, create a web design, make an infographic, make a promotional poster, or anything else creative? You should use Canva. There are tons of ready-to-do templates and social media designs for you to choose from.

The ultimate centralizing tool for managing your own business, a team or different projects. is the perfect solution for maintaining overview and easy access to the apps, information or conversations that you engage with in your online worklife.

Easily switch between multiple accounts, set user roles and share apps and information, manage your personal or work-related passwords securely, customizable workspaces, and much more. Available as a mobile, desktop and hybrid app!


Teamdeck allows you to schedule resources, check team availability, and track working time and days off from one application. In addition to generating customized reports, Teamdeck can help you monitor your team's performance and track your chosen KPIs.

A pay-per-user platform, Teamdeck offers online software and a mobile app for just $3.99 per month per team member.


OneDrive lets you save the documents you create on your computer, making them available in the cloud from anywhere. You can also link your other devices, like laptops, tablets, and phones, with OneDrive so that you don't need to sync or transfer files to those devices manually.


Mailchimp is a wonderful option for small businesses needing to send emails to large groups of people. Once you upgrade to the first paid plan you get access to other advanced features such as A/B testing and multi-step campaigns. E-mails will be simplified so readers can determine what is working and what isn't. Readers are able to identify the numbers of their open rates and click-through rates which allow business owners to assess reader's responsiveness to content.


It is much simpler and less intimidating to manage your social media marketing on multiple social networks with Buffer. With Buffer, you can schedule content ahead of time so that your followers see it when it is most relevant for them.


With Evernote, your hand-written notes on all your devices can be easily organized, providing you with all the essentials you need to take and find quick access to all of your ideas.

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Ultimately, it's a matter of digital organization at its very best, making sure that your online setup can grow with your business for years to come!

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