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Webtop and Google Drive

September 14, 2022 strives for one thing; to alleviate the clutter in your digital life and bring overview and control via a single platform. One of those tools you may be trying to integrate is Google Drive; a cloud storage app from Google that many businesses rely on. If you’re new to and/or want to know more about the app integrations, you’ve come to the right place. In this particular post, we’ll walk you through the connection between and Google Drive, and how the integration can help your business. Let’s go.

Integrating Google Drive to Your Workspace

The first step is to get your Google Drive account connected to your account. To get started, head over to your settings and click on “app integrations”. From here, you should see a list of different apps you can install to your workspace. Find the one that says “Google” and click on it, after which you’ll see the option to select Google Drive Search. Click on it, and select the Gmail account that you use for your Google Drive. Then just follow the instructions and ta-da; your account now has access to your Google Drive. See how easy that was?

What You Can Do With Google Drive in

Now that your accounts are connected, what does this mean and what can you do? First off, this enhances the global search function within Rather than only being able to search across all conversations, apps, links, meetings and other content stored within, you can toggle your search to also search across integrated apps - all at once. One of those apps is, yes you guessed it - Google Drive. If you are unsure where a certain piece of information is stored (was it sent in a chat? If so, when and which one? Or saved in an app? Or somewhere inside a Google Drive Folder?), utilizing’s global search is the most focus- and productivity friendly way to find it. also includes a preview feature where users can view their document before clicking on it. This way, you’re not redirected to a new page with a document that isn’t what you’re looking for and end up wasting time and energy flickering back and forth. 

Why Do I Need the Google Drive Integration for my Business?

As we mentioned earlier, the Google Drive integration adds a new layer of searchability within Rather than breaking your concentration to click through different web pages, you can just search for the document or folder in your all-in-one workspace. For frequently requested or accessed documents - simply copy the link to the document and permanently store it in your workspace’s links section. That way, you separate key information and make it instantly accessible, while also maintaining easy access to all other stored documents. 

Another benefit is that if your Drive is connected to the rest of your team, you reduce link sharing and toggling. Teams can work on a single document at once, and when needed, search for the document and open it up to make changes on the fly. This saves your team from having to go back and forth with updated links or sifting through folders or chats to find what they need. Plus, with’s chat feature, you can make comments to your team in real-time while managing your folders and docs.

Integrate More Tools with can integrate with more than just Google. We provide several key integrations to improve your productivity. Tools like Jira, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, and others are available to integrate with By taking all the tools at your disposal and putting them in one place, you and your team can accomplish twice as much with half the hassle. 

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