5 Awesome Productivity Apps to Check Out in 2022 (Features + Pricing)

December 28, 2020

Who doesn't love to uncover new great tools that makes your life easier?

We've picked out 5 awesome productivity tools that you absolutely need for 2022! We’ll highlight their features and pricing and show you why they’re a must for anyone looking to ramp up productivity immediately.

Productivity Apps We’ll Cover

- Zapier
- Hey
- Forest

Let’s dive right in.

the 15 best productivity apps of 2020_01


Zapier is a powerful automation tool that lets you simplify workflows. Here’s a closer look at the features of Zapier that make it such a useful tool for anyone looking to reduce their manual workload and boost their productivity:

Use This Automation Tool To:

Automate your workflow by connecting your various tools


- Integrated apps
- Automate repetitive tasks with specific triggers or Zaps. Need an example? Zapier is capable of automatically sending a reply every time you receive an email in your Gmail
- Zapier users can Import and/or export your data using Google Sheets or traditional XLS and CSV files
- Stay up-to-date on what your Zaps are doing with a data-packed task history


Zapier has five pricing plans:

- Free: for 5 single-step Zaps
- Starter ($19.99/month): for 20 Zaps, 3 premium apps, and custom integrations
- Professional ($49/month): for unlimited zaps, unlimited premium apps, and custom logic-paths
- Team ($299/month): for unlimited users and workspaces with priority support from the Zapier team
- Company ($599/month): for the heaviest of Zapier users with 100,000 tasks per month, single-sign on, and advanced user provisioning and management

Customer Ratings

- G2Crowd: 4.5/5
- Capterra: 4.7/5
- Crozdesk: 4.4/5

the 15 best productivity apps of 2020_03 connects the dots of remote work by letting you chat, video call and collaborate across apps as well as easily manage all your assets and tools from one centralized place. Easily create separate shareable workspaces (Desktops) for each need or project with all the relevant apps, links, documents and team members accessible from any device at any time.

Built with great access controls for admins, chat and video conferencing, security features, integrated App Store, a browser extension, as well as many more exciting functions being launched soon, is a secure and productivity-friendly way to find and utilize all the benefits of the web.

Use This Productivity Suite As:

An all-in-one collaboration and organization hub to manage:

- Remote teams
- Bookmarks
- Apps
- Communication
- Documents
- Projects


- Full Admin suite of access controls
- Instant communication features such as chat and video conferencing
- Shareable workspaces
- Collaborate and communicate with other teams or external users
- Collaborative bookmark management
- Quick-add and share links straight from browser with one click
- Security (e.g. multi-factor authentication & domain verification)
- Single-sign-on
- Integrated app store for webapps
- Quickly import your existing bookmarks and get apps auto-suggested for you with the browser extension
- Global search
- Password manager
- Mobile login

Pricing has three pricing options:

- Free: For individuals or small teams
- Pro ($8/month per user): For small to medium businesses and pro users
- Enterprise (Pricing on request)

Customer Ratings

- G2Crowd: 5/5
- Capterra: 4.7/5
- Crozdesk: 4.8/5


Make time when there is none with Reclaim. Keep multiple calendars in sync, block-off flexible time throughout the day for anything you want, and reclaim your work-life balance. Let’s take a closer look at why Reclaim is such a helpful tool for busy business leaders or anyone looking to maximize their day:

Use This Time Manager To:

Manage your time and keep your calendars in sync, block flexible time, and get your work-life balance back.


- Reclaim Habits can help you automatically safeguard your time for anything you do regularly
- Crush your to-do list with Reclaim Tasks and automatically get the time you need for your most important goals
- Integrate Reclaim with Slack to always have your schedule at your fingertips


Reclaim has three pricing plans:

- Reclaim LifeWork (Free Forever): Basic support to reclaim your work-life balance with one calendar sync, basic analytics, and Slack integration
- Reclaim Assistant ($9/month): Free until May 2021, Reclaim Assistant provides customizable, automated color-coding, an unlimited number of synced calendars, advanced analytics, and more.
- Reclaim Professional (Coming Soon): Currently in private beta

Customer Ratings

- G2Crowd: Not Listed
- Capterra: Not Listed
- Crozdesk: Not Listed


Welcome to emails new heyday. HEY didn’t reinvent the wheel, only email.

From start to finish, HEY puts email in its place to keep you informed and (probably) reduces stress around common email disorganization.  

Use This Web-Based Email Solution For:

Easier email organization and automation with workflows and advanced rules


- Start your HEY email journey with The Scanner; Take control of your inbox with a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down slim down the number of unread messages
- Send massive files without having to use other apps
- Fix bad subjects without starting a new thread; HEY lets you personalize your subject lines so they make sense to you
- Many, many more


HEY has two pricing plans:

- HEY for You ($99/year): Enjoy privacy with HEY for You thanks to spy pixel blocking, a commitment to protecting your personal data, and a email address
- HEY for Work ($12/month per user): Launching next year, HEY for Work will include a custom domain, private team comments, and more

Customer Ratings

- G2Crowd: Not Listed
- Capterra: Not Listed
- Crozdesk: Not Listed

the 15 best productivity apps of 2020_02


Stay focused on the important things in life with Forest; literally and figuratively, by taking a gamified approach to help you manage and reduce distractions, avoid social media, and focus on the task at hand.

It works by planting a seed in your Forest app when you start to work. The less time you spend on your phone, the more your tree will grow, into a forest. If you keep looking at your phone, the tree will wither and die.

Over time you’re able to earn rewards and unlock a variety of new tree species, share your forest with friends & family, and more importantly: plant real trees on Earth and protect the environment.

The sense of achievement and responsibility encourages you to stay away from your phone, and will help you make better use of your own time. Stop getting distracted by your phone and the non-stop notifications, make yourself more self-motivated, and get more things done.

Use This Productivity Software For:

A fun and engaging way to manage distractions, avoid social media, and focus on the task at hand


Forest has only one option: a one-time purchase of $1.99.

Customer Ratings

- G2Crowd: Not Listed
- Capterra: Not Listed
- Crozdesk: Not Listed
- Apple App Store: 4.8/5
- Google Play Store: 4.4/5


If you want to boost your productivity in 2021, be sure to sign-up for and use some of these tools.

They have all the features you need to:

- Focus better
- Get more organized
- Manage your tasks
- Communicate effectively
- Streamline processes

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