5 Reasons Why You Should Use SSO

July 15, 2021

With so many apps we use everyday, wouldn’t it be much easier if we could login with one password? Since our jobs require us to access more information from multiple locations and devices, while also needing to work more efficiently, customers and employees are needing a faster way to get to what they need. Cue the Single Sign-On feature.

But what is Single Sign-On? 

Simply put, single sign-on, or SSO, is an authentication process where a user can sign into multiple platforms or apps with just a single set of credentials. Enough said, right? The truth is, having an SSO platform does more than just give you quicker access to resources. From improved productivity to saving money, SSO can benefit any business or end-user to multiple degrees. Here’s how it can help you.

1. Improved Security

Since Single Sign-On allows you to get into every app you have with one login, most people tend to think that makes your security weaker. After all, everything you have is in one location. 

The truth is, SSO can reduce the risk with just a few common-sense practices. For example, users are more likely to create stronger passwords when they use SSO. This helps reduce the risk of identity theft and hacking.

Another practice businesses and people can utilize is multi-factor authentication (MFA). When logging in from a new device for the first time, multi-factor authentication will send a code to the user’s phone or email to verify that it’s really them. This combined security prevents unwanted access and gives users peace of mind when logging in.

2. Increase Employee and IT Productivity

Most businesses use several apps in a day to complete projects, work on customer orders, post to social media and more. In fact, since lockdown, many users have around 100 passwords for different accounts. That’s 25% more than before the pandemic!

Rather than needing to remember every single login credential to access what you need, Single Sign-On allows you to use one credential to get what you need. This means there’s no hassle of entering passwords for each app and having to log in and out each time. Instead, everything is one place ready to go for your team so that you can focus more on the task at hand.

3. Reduced Password Fatigue

With each account you make, whether personal or professional, you’re required to make unique and strong passwords that are hard to crack. Overtime, these passwords add up and having to remember all of them is stressful on anybody. In fact, this can even hurt your business. How so?

Essentially, the more accounts a user needs to remember, the more problems they have. In fact, 33% of shopping carts are abandoned because users can’t remember their password. This means that your customers aren’t converting if they have to leave your store. By having Single Sign-On, you’re replacing the issue of having to remember multiple passwords with just a single master code, giving you and your customers a more streamlined experience. 

4. Prevents Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the result of unauthorized downloads in the workplace. If people outside your network have the proper credentials, they can go in and download information to their own computer. In the world of cloud-based content, the risk for this has increased.

By utilizing SSO, businesses and IT administrators can monitor the apps that their employees use. With that, identity theft can be easily found and prevented, giving your team a more secure workplace.

5. Increases Software Adoption Rates

Technology is meant to streamline how we communicate and log into our information. However, some apps have a painful sign-up process that makes it frustrating to continue using that application. With SSO, you eliminate that hassle.

SSO improves the chance that your team or customers will adopt your software. With an easier point of access, they’re more likely to keep returning and using your services. 

Single Sign-On With

Being able to access everything you need in one place has proven to have several positive impacts within a business. From improved security to reduced password fatigue, employees can focus more on their projects without delays.

By integrating with, you can add all of your apps, bookmarks, and links in a single workspace that can be found in a single secure hub. Teams can work more effectively with their dedicated apps, share workspaces with each other for easier collaboration, and keep all conversations organized in the same space. With, your digital structure and workplace management will improve drastically. Come see for yourself

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