How to invite users

Do you want to invite users to join your workspace? Here are some simple steps that will guide you through the process

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Only workspace owners and administrators can invite users to workspaces

 How to invite users to a workspace:

1) Open your app

2) Navigate to the Workspace settings menu. To do so: Click the workspace name -> navigate to Workspace settings, or click the Settings button on the left-side panel

3) Navigate to the Users -> click the Invite members button

4) If your team is part of the Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 team, select the corresponding option. Alternatively, enter your teammates' emails, and assign roles to them (administrators or members). Click the+Add more button if you need to add more users. After you completed a list of invitation, click the Send invite button.

5) Invitation will be stored under the Pending invitations until your teammates' acceptance

6) If you need to revoke an invitation, click the invitation, navigate to the Danger Zone and click Revoke invitation button

7) You can also resend an invitation or share an invitation URL

How to invite users on a mobile device:

1) Open the app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Navigate to Workspace settings menu: tap your Workspace name-> Workspace settings, or tap the Settings button on the left-side panel

4) Scroll to the Users

5) Tap Invite User button

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