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This option is available if you enabled the Communicate feature package

When it comes to making phone calls, there are two types available: direct and group

- Direct (one-to-one callsbetween members/guests or between a member and an external person not associated with the account)

- Group ( calls between several team members or between members of the particular channel/desktop)

Please note that to make calls or video conference with someone, you need to make sure that you belong to the same workspace

There are certain restrictions on the participants' number:

Free accounts: Max video/Audio participants = 5 in a call. Max 1 hour meetings

Pro accounts - Max video/Audio participants = 25 in a call. Max. 24 hour meetings

Enterprise accounts - Max video/Audio participants = 100 in a call. Max. 24 meetings

How start calls:

1) Open the app

2)To start a Direct call: navigate to the People panel on the top right -> select the team member from the list and -> click the Call/ Video call button

3) To start a Group call: navigate to Chats -> select the group/channel -> click the Call / Video call button

4) Now you can initiate calls with this user/group from the Meetings menu -> Calls

5) You can invite other people to your call/video call which has already started. Click the Participants button on the bottom panel and then click the Invite Someone button

 6) To share the meeting link during the call, click the 3 dots button on the bottom panel and select Invite people option

7) You can either copy and share the link or share meeting invitation

8) To manage your meeting settings, tap the 3 dots button on the bottom panel

9) Click the Chat button to send any important messages during the meeting and select the Chat tab

10) Click the Share screen button to start your presentation

11) You can create a poll during a call if you need to consult with your team. Click the Chat button on the bottom panel. Switch to the Polls tab and click the Create a poll button

12) Enter the poll question and then add poll options. Click the Add option button if you need to add more choices. Click the Send button when you are ready

13) Now team members can vote by checking the boxes and then clicking the Submit button

14) Check the results by clicking the Show details button or change your choice by clicking the Change vote button

How to start calls on a mobile device

1) To start a direct call, navigate to the People Panel

2) Tap the team member you need to start a call with -> tap the Call or Video Call button

3) To start a group call, select the group/channel

4) Tap the Call or Video Call button

5) Now you can initiate calls with this user/ desktop from the Meetings menu ->Calls

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