Organize & Search vs. Communicate Packages: uncover the difference

Not sure which package is better for your business? We'll explain the difference so you can make the right decision

Take full control of your workspace with our convenient feature packages. With the toggle in your Workspace Settings, you can turn on or off Organize & Search and Communicate packages, depending on your needs and focus.


Main functionality: desktops, links, apps, favorites, global search, integrations and password manager.

Creating Desktops is a great way to organize your apps, links, and other online resources. You get a better overview,keep tools and assets separated by topic, team or project and can easily manage access settings.

Add all your favorites apps either from the App Store or by importing them from your web browser. If you can't find the app in the app store, simply create a custom app.

You will be able to organize all your links in one place and share them with your team. Easily import all, or some of your bookmarks into your desktops, add them manually or save new links to your workspace on the go, straight from the browser. Organize bookmarks by tagging them and organizing them into folders.

Add the most used apps and links to Favorites for the quick access and navigation.

With the Password Manager you will be able to store,edit and manage your apps' passwords in a one secure place.


Main functionality: chat (1-on-1, groups, channels), scheduled meetings, voice calls and video conferencing

With the The chat, you can create channels custom group chats, invite outside guests to chat or create 1-on-1 chats with workspace members in direct chats. It’s a complete instant messaging and business chat that will enhance your online communication experience.

The communication package further includes a fully-featured voice call and video conferencing feature. Send private messages to individual call participants,  or share links and notes during the video call through the general in-call chat, utilize Breakout rooms, emoji reactions and polls, blur your background, individual sound controls, password-protect your meetings, share your screen,and much more.

You may also schedule one-time/non-recurring meetings or set a series of meetings. Invite users by email or share the invitation URL directly. Make changes to your scheduled meetings any time you need.


You can select your preferred feature package or combination there either during the initial set-up flow when signing up for your account, or later on within your workspace Settings

You can edit your choice from your Workspace settings at any time.