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Take the hassle out of remembering passwords. Learn how to use the password manager and keep your data secure.

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The Password manager stores passwords for apps in one place. In this way, you will not have to select a username and password on the login page or push the login button each time you want to launch the app.

The Password manager will autofill your app credentials after you set them up for the app.

This option is available if you enabled the Organize&Search feature package

“If you haven’t installed the browser extension, you will get a prompt to install it when logging into your account. Didn’t see it? Learn more about how to get the browser extension installed here

How to manage passwords:

1) Open the app

2) Start from unlocking the Vault. Enter your Master password (password that you are using for accessing your account -> click the "Unlock Password Manager" button

3) If you enabled Organize&Search + Communication feature packages, navigate to the Desktops-> open the Vault

4) To add app credentials, right click on the app (alternatively, click the 3 dots button) -> select "Choose password" option

5) Click the "Add a login/password" button

6) Enter the login and password which you use for accessing this app -> click the "Create" button

7) If you have multiple credentials, just select which login/password should be used for accessing this app

Please,note, that some apps have login forms which we currently do not support

8) You can access, edit/delete your saved credentials from the Vault menu.The Group Passwords section contains your credentials for Google, Microsoft, and Apple apps.The App Passwords section contains app credentials, which were created by you or shared with you.The Other Passwords section contains passwords imported from other password managers and manually added passwords.

9) By clicking the "Create" button next to Passwords, you can add passwords, create group passwords or import passwords from other password managers.

10)To edit credentials, click the 3 dots button -> click the "Edit password" button

11) To delete multiple credentials, click the 3dots button next to the app -> click the "Select" button. Alternatively, move the mouse next to the app and tick the box.

12) Select the apps credentials you need to delete -> click the 3 dots button again -> click the "Delete" button

Workspace owners and administrators can select any app and make it into a shared login app. Learn how to share passwords here
You can store your credentials for Google, Microsoft and Apple and then apply it to all apps that are a part of the respective platform. Find more information here

What happens if I forget the password for my account ?

You can still change the password for logging in to the app by following the instructions on how to change your password. You will restore access to your account, but your workspace owner will need to approve your password change in order to restore access to your app credentials (as you will still have your old password set for unlocking app credentials before the owner’s approval)

If you are the workspace owner, you will get a notification, asking you to confirm the password change for the user. You will need to accept the password request change in order to grant the user access to stored passwords

If you are workspace owner, the password reset will cause loosing access to your stored app credentials

Video tutorial

                                      *Here both feature packages are enabled. If you disabled one of them, some options will be unavailable

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