How to use the Browser Extension Vault

Get secure access to all of your stored credentials with The Browser Extension Vault
The Browser Extension Vault will let you access and apply all of your stored credentials right in your browser. You can also add new credentials as well as generate new secure passwords where needed. To start using the Vault, you first need to install here
This option is available if you enabled the Organize&Search feature package

1. Easily add your credentials to be stored within the Vault. When accessing the app or web site, click the Extension icon-> Add new password

2. Select the Workspace these credentials will be saved to, enter your login and password -> click the Save button when you are ready

3. Now, when accessing this app you can simply select which credentials should be used. You can also easily edit credentials from here.

4. Easily add new passwords to be stored within your Vault. Generate secure passwords based on your preferences for length, numbers, symbols, lowercase or uppercase

5. Easily access and manage your stored credentials from the Vault tab. All passwords added to the Password Manager in your app (either added manually, or via import from other previous password manager) will get displayed in the vault and suggested when you enter the respective site

6. Get one Vault per Workspace to securely separate credentials. You may unlock the vault for all, or a selection of, your workspaces and can  switch between them. To decide which vaults should be unlocked, click the workspace icon

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