Webtop.com browser extension

Import data such as apps and bookmarks from your browser directly to your Webtop.com account.

Discover how to quickly and easily import apps, links, and bookmarks from your web browser to your Webtop.com account

The browser extension also connects your Webtop.com Password Manager with your browser to easily apply, store and generate passwords right in your browser, allowing you to move seamlessly and securely through your online workday.

This option is available if you enabled the Organize&Search feature package
Only Сhromium-based browsers support the Webtop.com extension. Available only for Windows and macOS

Works with all Chromium based browsers:

     - Microsoft Edge

     - Opera

     - Vivaldi

     - Brave

     - Blisk

     - Colibri

     - Epic Browser

     - Iron Browser

How to install the Webtop.com Browser Extension

1) Open the Chrome web Store

2) Find and select the Webtop.com Browser Extension

3) Click Add to Chrome

4)Click Add extension button to proceed

5) Manage your extensions by clicking Extensions in the Tools menu

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