How to set up MFA

Before you start activating the MFA, learn more information about this feature here

Google Authenticator (Android / iOS)

Microsoft Authenticator (Android / iOS)

1. Open your app

2. If you are a workspace member Click your profile icon -> select Preferences in the drop-down menu

*Here both feature packages are enabled. If you deactivated one of them, some options will be unavailable

3. Click the toggle to activate the MFA

4. If you are the workspace owner, click your Workspace name -> navigate to the Workspace settings. Alternatively, click the Settings and Preferences button on the left-side panel

5. Click the Activate button

The following activation process will be typical for workspace members and owners:

6. Scan the shown QR Code in the opened window using your preferred authenticator app and then enter the provided one-time code below. Click the Continue button

7. In the opened window, copy the provided recovery code and make sure to keep it somewhere safe. You will need to use it if you need to log in without your device. Select the "I have safely recorded this number" checkbox -> click the Continue button

8. Enter the one-time code from the authentication app. If you do not want to enter a code each time you log in with your device, select the checkbox “Remember this device for 30 days”. Click the  Continue button when you are ready.

9. If you are a workspace owner,  you can now force every user to use MFA when accessing this workspace from the Workspace settings