What is Webtop.com

Webtop.com is a virtual desktop application designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient.

The Webtop.com appis a virtual desktop application, which provides a unified and smart collaboration workspace from a virtual desktop in your web browser. It bridges the gap between multiple SAAS apps, devices and groups and brings it all into one central solution

The Webtop.com allows your entire company or team to access, manage, and update all of their necessary tools, documents, and information all from the same centralized place.

Here you can create an organized, shareable space for every need, team or project and make audio and video calls with your team members or set up video conferences with external parties.

Webtop.com will integrate with the most popular apps, allows for convenient import of the existing bookmarks and helps to organize your workspaces in a one place.

We offer convenient feature packages, so you will have control of your workspace and how you prefer to use it.

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