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8 Benefits of Using a Dedicated App to Manage Your Online Workspace

March 21, 2022

Being a part of any modern team means that you’re no stranger to the term “collaboration”. In fact, you’ve probably been introduced to several different apps and tools throughout your life that all complete a variety of things to get the job done. However, not having a dedicated app to manage and organize all of those tools and everything relating to it, can over time result in wasted energy, confusion and clutter. 

Luckily the solution is easy: a single app to manage it all! From managing access to instantly finding what you need, here are the reasons why your team should get a dedicated app for managing your entire digital environment.

1. Easier Communication

Most people have separate chats and messaging apps across their projects that make it burdensome to look through when you’re busy. A dedicated app takes away that stress and gives you a relaxing platform where all your messages can be seen in one place. No more filtering through various threads or endless email lists. By keeping your conversations centralized and organized, you’ll be able to easily find what you need without switching different browsers or tools.

2. More Money in Your Bank

A variety of video, communication, and project management tools can cut into your business’ funds, even when working remotely. To avoid stretching your dollar as thin as possible, a dedicated app takes away the unnecessary tools you don’t use. Communicate, review, and organize all your assets without purchasing overlapping complicated tools. An online workspace also makes it more accessible for your team to work from home and at any location, reducing any overhead costs you might have currently.

3. Quicker Access to Information

Link and document sharing, password management, and project overviews give your team access to important information in a non-fickle way. Spend less time hunting and sharing information you’ve already shared half a dozen times, and have it saved in one location that everyone has equal access to. Your online workspace should act as your personal hub to all the credentials and project details you need to get the job done.

4. Better Organization

It’s easy for files and links to go missing, which can result in headaches and wasted time. Better organization means less time scrambling to make sure everything you need is prepared. In fact, using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 38%! Having one app to manage all your files will make it easier for your business to keep track of what’s been posted and where to manage all of your relevant documents.

5. Environmental Friendly

A dedicated online workspace helps more than your team; it helps the environment too! Now you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world, which means less gas being used to travel and more money being saved. Plus, think of all the post-it notes you can avoid when the work is being done online.

6. More Informed Decisions

A centralized app means all your information is in one visual place. Having a better overview means you can make more informed decisions, who is working on what, and any problems that have come up. The collaborative nature of the technology means you’ll have suggestions, opinions, and assistance from anyone attached to your workspace. 

7. Improved Employee Satisfaction

Slowly are the days of 9-5 jobs leaving us. With easier access to communication and information, the opportunity to work from anywhere has been increasing. This means more people are able to work hours that fit their lifestyle, and spend time doing tasks when they’re most focused. A satisfied and efficient workplace also reduces work-related stress , which is a bonus for the entire business!

8. Better Collaboration

The ultimate purpose for any tool is to improve collaboration. The easier it is to work with your team, the healthier your business becomes! A dedicated app reduces that tension of hand-off and uncertainty, since everything you need to know is right there in the project workspace. No more guessing what’s going on, or who to contact: a central hub will make your team collaboration pros.

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