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Timeline: An Easier Way to Keep Track of Desktop Changes

November 17, 2020

Have you checked out your “Timeline” yet? With this exciting feature you are able to see and interact with your past activity on any desktop.

Timeline All Desktops

You are able to backtrack, and get an overview of, events such as when apps and links were added or used by yourself. Your own activity will only be visible on your own timeline, except for when you add or remove apps/links in a shared desktop, in which case users of that shared desktop will get notified. Similarly, your timeline will not show when another user opens or uses a certain app, it will only tell you when an app/link is added or removed to a desktop that you are a user of.

Timeline is searchable which makes it easy to find past events and activities.

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Different Ways to Use Timeline

Get Collaborative

The key essence of timeline is connectivity and collaboration. We've built Timeline to function as an extension that provides up to the minute updates for managers, team members, spouses, and every other type of Desktop.com user.

The true beauty of Timeline is never having to guess if an update was made or if another user was granted access; everything is transparent from the top down with a number of variable filters to refine the window you're looking into as well as a comprehensive smart search function that picks up on keywords across the board.


Were you supposed to add a team member and somehow forgot? Not a problem with Timeline, simply navigate to the side panel, click the Timeline icon, and scroll until you've found the record you were looking for! It looks like we forgot that we did add our team member to our Desktop, albeit awhile ago.

Desktop - Work - Timeline


Searching the Timeline is one of our favorite use cases. While scrolling through the Timeline is much more prevalent, the time saving that happens when using it for search is far greater.

Don't remember if you paid your credit card? Search your Timeline to see when you last accessed your banking app.

Did I update the Family Google Doc with my vacation days? Search your Timeline to see if you accessed that link.

Etc etc.

Searching the timeline is so easy, anyone can do it - really. It's as easy as clicking the Search bar and typing in the term you're looking for.

Desktop - Search - Timeline


Not finding what you're looking for by scrolling or searching? Take a step back and use the advanced filtering options we have available. With Timeline, you're able to filter by type (links, apps or events) or date.

Pro tip: Once you have the list filtered down you can search the reduced results to help you key in on the specific item you're looking for.

Desktop - Filter - Timeline

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