How to create internal desktop

Learn how to create internal desktops for getting teams together on a project and sharing the same tools and documents to work on.

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Only workspace owners and administrators have rights to create internal desktops
Please, find more information regarding desktops' types and differences here
This option is available if you enabled the Organize&Search feature package

To create an internal desktop:

1) Open your app

2) Click the Add new desktop button on the bottom

3) If you enabled Organize&Search+Communicate feature packages: navigate to Desktops -> click the Add button

4) Enter the desktop's name and description (this is optional). Enable Make this desktop internal option -> click the Create button 

5) Alternatively, internal desktops can be created from the Settings menu. Click the workspace name -> navigate to Workspace settings

6) Navigate to the Desktops and -> click the New desktop button

How to create an internal desktop on a mobile device:

1) Open your app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Tap the + Add new desktop button at the bottom

4) If you enabled the Organize&Search + Communicate feature packages: Navigate to the Desktops menu and tap the Add new desktop button

5) Enter desktop's name and description (this is optionally). Tap Make this desktop internal option and tap the Create button when you are ready.

6) Alternatively, you can create internal desktops from the workspace settings menu. To do so, click your Workspace name -> Workspace settings, or click the Settings button on the left-side panel

7) Scroll to Desktops

 8) Tap the New desktop button

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