App notification controls

Learn the information about the notifications feature

The notifications feature provides a specific overview of events in the workspace, like adding/removing users from desktops, apps and links adding/removing, chats and meetings notifications, billing notifications (only owners can see them)
Global Notification Settings will get applied for you across all your workspaces. You can also manage notification settings for each individual workspace and control when you prefer to get notified via your phone

Users are able to control the following notifications:

  • New chat messages
  • Messages in inbox
  • Bell notifications
  • Meetings notifications
This option is available if you enabled the Communicate feature package

Users are not able to control the following notifications:

  • Incoming call. Incoming calls will always show notification and play sound. To block incoming calls, click your Profile icon and set status as Do not disturb
  • Missed call. Incoming calls will always show notifications. Sound will be controlled by general sound setting

How to adjust Global Notifications Settings:

1. Open the app

2. Navigate to the Workspace settings: click your Workspace name -> Workspace settings.

 3. Navigate to the Global Notifications

4. Adjust, when push notifications will be sent to your mobile device.

5. Adjust, which notifications about incoming messages you would like to receive

  • All messages: you will receive notifications about all new messages in chats (one-to-one chats, group chats, messages in desktop chat channels)
  • Direct messages, @mentions, threads: you will receive notifications about new messages in one-to-one chats , mentions and threads you are part of
  • Do not notify me about messages: you won't get any notifications about new messages

6. Adjust General bell, billing and meetings notifications

  • General bell notifications include actions/events that take place in the workspace:  applications/links added or removed; users/teams added or removed; user's role changed; app credentials shared (or shared app credentials removed); desktop chat enabled
  • Billing: notifications about invalid VAT, failed payment or new invoice
  • Upcoming meetings: include notifications received before the meeting's start, meeting updating or cancellation, and meeting invitation

7. To manage notification for a particular workspace: navigate to the Workspace settings -> Notifications

8.Switch off the toggle to start managing app notification controls for the particular workspace

9. To check notifications, click Bell icon

10.To remove counter notifications, click Notification options button and select Mark all as read

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